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“Solar For All” Comes to Delaware County

By August 20, 2022No Comments

Solarize Delco Makes Solar Available to All Income Home Owners

Solarize Delco has partnered with a national solar leasing firm to provide a no-money down option for homeowners who want to reduce their average monthly utility payments through a solar and home weatherization lease package.  Savvy homeowners who can pay or borrow the project cost already know Solar power pays you back many times over during its 30 year life in reduced utility bills and increases home resale values more than the cost.  Solarize Delco’s new programs make rooftop solar savings available to low and moderate-income homeowners who may not otherwise be able to invest in Solar.

Complete a brief questionnaire and set up an appointment with Solarize Delco’s volunteers who provide no pressure information and review purchase, loan, grant and leasing options to help them decide if solar is right for them. If you are able to invest or receive a loan, our group solar purchasing program or income qualified Solar Savings Grant Program may be an option.  If you cannot purchase but have good utility payment track record, a lease may be right for you.

Results of a Project Sunroof analysis for a Delco rowhome.

Results of a Project Sunroof analysis for a Delco home.

Solarize Delco group purchasing power provides a simpler approach that improves the financial returns and removes the worry of contracting for this home improvement for everyone. Income limited homeowners who may have poor credit scores can now also access these savings.  These affordable options help ensure everyone has access to lower energy bills and the transition to clean energy is equitable and inclusive.

Homeowners from every neighborhood in Delaware County can participate in the clean energy transition. Participants can power their home with sunshine, nature’s clean, renewable energy, and save on their electric bills. It is critical that we support solar adoption in low-income communities and communities of color so that our most vulnerable residents can benefit from the savings, jobs, and resilience that result from installing solar on local rooftops.

Solarize Delco, an all-volunteer non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, is neighbors helping neighbors learn if solar is right for them.  All Delaware County homeowners, businesses and non-profits can receive our help. Since the program launched in 2019, over 300 homeowners have learned about solar through the program, over 50 homes and houses of worship have gone solar, and over 400 kW of power generating capacity has been installed. The Community Action Agency of Delaware County, Inc. ( provides eligibility screening for the Grant Program, as it does for its current Free Home Weatherization Program.

Get more information on how to go solar the easy way, view educational videos or sign up for a consultation with your solarized neighbors at or email us at